Fostering creativity and product ideation through fast prototyping. 

I consulted for FaberNovel in order to help internal teams at transportation giant Transdev rapidly develop and test product ideas.  

Through three days that included need analysis, business model outline and product ideation, I led 2 diverse internal teams to develop product ideas focused on improving bus drivers training and security. 


With the first team, we produced and tested mockups for an internal mobile application that prompts drivers to follow training programs they specifically need.        


With the second team, we build and tested a powerful admin application to collect data about incidents throughout the network, assess what training program is the most needed, and which driver should be targeted to follow those programs.     

All incidents and claims are logged and queued to be reviewed. 

Incidents are reviewed, and driver's performance assessed.

National aggregates are surfacing patterns, allowing the company to assess the type of training program needed.